Take a rest in magic Turkey

Travelling in Turkey is a breeze thanks to the laid-back charm of the locals, bus transport that's second to none, and the sheer volume of accommodation options, from friendly cheap-as-chips backpackers to immaculately groomed boutique guesthouses. Only during the height of peak season or on public holidays would you be wise to book ahead; at most times you can just turn up and find your first accommodation choice awaiting.

Turkey's south Aegean can convincingly claim more ancient ruins per square kilometre than any other region in the world. Since time immemorial, conquerors, traders and travellers have beaten a path to the mighty monuments, yet few leave disappointed.

However large and loud the crowd (particularly when the local schools are out), the ruins rarely appear overwhelmed. Huge, majestic and aloof they tower above everything, colonised only by the wild poppies and butterflies in spring, or a stork shaping a shabby nest atop a colossal column.

As the sun begins to sink and the coach parties push off, the ruins are suddenly silent again. Turned crimson by the last rays of the setting sun, they seem as tremendous, timeless and enduring today as they must have done millennia ago. For many travellers, these sites supply the enduring memories of their trip.

Bodrum may be just as much of a hyperresort as Kus. adasi and Marmaris, but with its sugar-cube houses, draped in bougainvillea, and the palm-lined streets it has been more successful at clinging to its original charm.

Despite the influx of charter deals and lager louts in high summer, a short walk along the waterfront will show Bodrum is gaining a reputation as the Monte Carlo of the Aegean, with a smart new marina, sophisticated restaurants and millions of dollars worth of sailing craft laying over for a night or two. Bodrum's outstanding Museum of Underwater Archaeology is also well worth a stop in itself.

But it's certainly not a place for those whose idea of a dream holiday revolves around peace and quiet. For years the outdoor Halikarnas disco revehed in its fame as the loudest disco in the Med and these days it has competitors too. Come in spring or autumn, however, and Bodrum reverts to a pleasant, relatively low-key resort. Not surprisingly, tourism is the local economy's lifeblood, although there's a plentiful tangerine crop in winter.

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